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Realtime Data

Realtime Data Websockets are designed to provide realtime data through our data streams. Realtime data is only available to clients with an API key. All data streams are available via real-time API.

Base URL:


Both endpoints require the inclusion of a valid API key in the URL path (/ws/<apikey> or /sse/<apikey>).

Request vars

  • streams: stream names to subscribe to (e.g. nakji.uniswapv2.0_0_0.liquiditypool_Change)

Both endpoints only support unidirectional data transmission at this time.

Response data structures depend on the data that is indexed for that specific stream.


You can use wscat to test the websockets endpoint from your terminal. You can use curl to query the SSE endpoint.

  >> curl -i -X GET "<apikey>?streams=nakji.uniswapv3.0_0_0.*"

data: {"ts":"2022-08-05T07:56:40Z", "sender":"TLGDhuXR803G7qg0vzU0qXCj+Oc=", "recipient":"VheKDV8wG69s8+HNU9mGNDc0W/k=", "amount0":"DqxxmMI=", "amount1":"Ag1xadJofYbF", "sqrtPriceX96":"X8OsNX7VBsbQjGitOsU=", "liquidity":"89RQdAFLs6g=", "tick":"AxWn"}
event: nakji.uniswapv3.0_0_0.pool_swap

data: {"ts":"2022-08-05T07:56:40Z", "sender":"3vHA3tm+x/GhZwgZgzJA8CeyXv8=", "recipient":"5msxZ41sFunr81gminkLdjwTN1A=", "amount0":"C7k+CXiT+w==", "amount1":"EHts78SCbHY=", "sqrtPriceX96":"ExReU3RO6wFGsmmTNA==", "liquidity":"KFN1laaCOCQ=", "tick":"5l8="}
event: nakji.uniswapv3.0_0_0.pool_swap

data: {"ts":"2022-08-05T07:56:40Z", "sender":"aLNGWDP7cqcOzfSF4OTHvYZl/EU=", "recipient":"aLNGWDP7cqcOzfSF4OTHvYZl/EU=", "amount0":"Nf+cJhut8eCy", "amount1":"kalIY8qAAA==", "sqrtPriceX96":"AaaFiOq77r0qbAbR", "liquidity":"BVgdTXtmTyD14w==", "tick":"AYoY"}
event: nakji.uniswapv3.0_0_0.pool_swap

single stream

wscat -c "wss://<apikey>?streams=nakji.sushiswap.0_0_0.market_Trade"

wildcard streams

# You can subscribe to all events in a stream name family.
# For example, for all Aave events you can subscribe to `nakji.aave.0_0_0.*`
wscat -c "wss://<apikey>?streams=nakji.aave.0_0_0.*"

multiple streams

wscat -c "wss://<apikey>?streams=x&streams=y&streams=z"


Stream names are case sensitive. Pair IDs are case sensitive to their checksummed values.